Celebrity Sightings in Palm Springs

Celebrity Sightings in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs has long been known as a popular celebrity escape. From Elvis to Marilyn Monroe to Justin Bieber, this town has seen plenty of activity from celebs. This creates an exciting sense of mystery since visitors truly never know what (or who) they are going to see. In the 1920’s, many actors signed contracts

Top 5 Rock Songs with Hidden Meanings

Top 5 Rock Songs with Hidden Meanings.

Discovering a song’s meaning sometimes requires sifting through its elements. Some artists write lyrics arbitrarily while others nest deep emotions in their words. Meanings behind a few of the most iconic rock songs are disguised with symbolism and contradictory melodies. Sarcasm, metaphors, and references can be difficult to detect in a song that you’ve deemed

What to Expect from the Fall Preview of Modernism Week

Modernism Design Week in Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs has built a reputation for itself as an oasis in the middle of the desert. Art galleries, museums, renowned restaurants, and carefully curated boutiques pepper the town, indicating that it is one in which creativity thrives. The art scene mirrors the uniqueness of the city, with Palm Springs modernism being a core theme.

Best Places to Dance in Palm Springs

Best places to dance in Palm Springs.

With the ever-increasing number of wedding parties, weekend trips, birthday bashes, and girlfriend getaways that flock to Palm Springs every weekend, it’s no wonder the nightlife scene has exploded. As the sun goes down in this desert town, the music turns up and the dancers come out. The downtown area is lined with bars, clubs,

The Very Best Romantic Dates in Palm Springs

The very best romantic dates in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs has built a reputation for itself as an idyllic romantic getaway destination and for good reason. Swaying palms, expansive natural landscapes, and warm, vivid sunsets create the perfect ambiance for enjoying the company of your loved one. However, the romance in Palm Springs is not limited to the environment. The town is also

How to Plan the Perfect Palm Springs Party

How to plan the perfect palm springs party.

Known for its mix of peaceful, spa-like offerings and vivid nightlife, Palm Springs has established itself as a premiere party destination. Palm Springs offers the perfect location for a party of any size and for any occasion. From bachelorette parties to birthday parties to just-for-fun get-togethers, this city has everything you need to throw the

Plan Your Palm Springs Road Trip

Going on a road trip is a unique journey that everyone should experience in their lifetime. Road trips remind us that sometimes the best destination is the journey itself. There’s nothing quite like the sense of adventure that comes with going on the road and discovering all the sights the world has to offer us.

How to Keep Cool During the Hottest Months of the Summer

Welcome to Palm Springs, a beautiful desert oasis where you can let loose, chill out and relax, or enjoy new and exciting experiences. Even though we are in the hottest months of the year, summertime is the prime season for visiting Palm Springs. Enjoy our guide and tips and tricks for keeping cool during the

New Developments in the Desert Oasis We Call Palm Springs

The desert oasis we like to call Palm Springs is constantly evolving. There’s a reason this California valley has been popular for so long. Along with having exactly what you need for a relaxing weekend getaway, Palm Springs is always growing. When you travel to Palm Springs, you will never be bored, because there is

Planning Your Summer Staycation

With the summer season making its official debut, it also commences the annual family vacation, girls’ getaway, bachelor party, and more. In general, summer creates the opportunity to plan a trip or fun activity for your entire group to enjoy. Yes, summer is the official season for a vacation, but not everyone is eager to