The Best Winter Cocktails for a Cool Night in the Desert

winter cocktails in palm springs

There’s never a wrong time to enjoy a good cocktail, and with the changing of the seasons comes new ways to enjoy drinkable delights, both hot and cold. While summer sets an ideal scene for a tropical drink or fruity sangria, fall and winter invite the chance to enjoy sips that are a little spicier.

From warm whiskey drinks to coffee-based concoctions, here are some of the best winter cocktails to whip up when the weather cools down in the desert.


A hot toddy is the quintessential winter drink. Whether you’re a whiskey lover or not, everyone can get on board with the sippable goodness of whiskey mixed with water, honey, and a little bit of lemon. They say the drink is also a good cure for the common cold, which we consider an added bonus.

hot toddy


Hot chocolate is a delicious treat best saved for the cooler months. Take this winter favorite up a notch by pouring in your favorite liqueur. Try adding Bailey’s Irish Cream, which makes for a perfect nightcap while cozied up by a fire. Since spiked hot chocolate is the adult version of a childhood favorite, feel free to top it off with mini marshmallows.


Butter makes everything tastier. Drinks are no exception. This classic winter cocktail combines dark spiced rum with butter, brown sugar, and water. You can add different flavors to it, such as vanilla or even pumpkin, to give it a seasonal twist. But why would you, when the original is so good? There’s only one rule when it comes to hot buttered rum: sip slowly and savor.

hot buttered rum


Households across America will soon smell like hot apple cider or some other holiday-inspired scent. For those who love hot cider, mulled wine is good alternative for the 21 and over crowd. Simmer (don’t boil!) dry red wine with honey, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and an orange sliced into rounds for at least 15 minutes. But you can keep the good smells going for up to three hours. When you’re ready to serve, just strain the cinnamon sticks, cloves and oranges, or use for drink garnishes.


It doesn’t have to be all hot drinks when trying to warm up on a cold evening. Cranberry is a signature flavor for the holidays and what better way to celebrate than with a winter-ready martini? Start with gin or vodka and mix with a cranberry simple syrup, which you can easily make with fresh cranberries, water, and sugar. Top with a toothpick of cranberries for garnish and you’ll have one festive drink that will have you feeling warm in no time.

cranberry martini


Not a fan of cranberry, but still prefer a drink shaken or stirred? Try a candy cane martini made with strawberry vodka, creme de menthe, cranberry juice, and a candy cane as garnish. Go the extra decorative step and crush up candy canes to line the rim of the glass.

These are cocktail favorites we plan to enjoy throughout the holidays. We are known for having some of the best cocktails in Palm Springs, so keep an eye out for special drinks and let our bartenders whip you up something that says winter.


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