What is Palm Springs Style?

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Throughout the decades, Hollywood celebrities and socialites have escaped to the resorts of Palm Springs for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Thus, residents and visitors alike have developed a style that can withstand the hot, dry temperatures, but can easily transition from day-to-night activities and events.

There’s no question about it. Palm Springs is known for its unique style. The culture of this popular desert getaway embodies laid-back luxury with a retro twist, which translates to what people wear.

What Is Palm Springs Style?


Defining a regional style depends on who you ask. For residents who work, live, and play in Palm Springs, they’re used to the heat and take comfort in more breathable fabrics and lighter colors. Locals who love to golf or kick back at the end of the day with a cocktail know to keep a change of shoes or a blazer in the backseat, since that’s all that’s really needed for a style change midday.



“Festival season” has evolved from simply a place to enjoy live music into an all-day, every day weekend event that comes complete with its own style guide. When you talk to a Coachella enthusiast or Stagecoach loyalist, there is a certain style specific to the festival. Better dress accordingly.

If you’re hitting the grassy grounds of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, the eclectic mix of musical artists lead way for people to be more creative with their clothing choices. Past seasons have seen the emergence of flower crowns, retro t-shirts, flannels, and cutoff shorts ruling the scene.

Stagecoach, on the other hand, is the time to break out your cowboy boots, wide brim hats, and loose-fitting tees and tanks. With both festivals scheduled in April, the desert heats up considerably during the day, but may cool off significantly at night. Layered looks are the way to go to keep cool and comfortable. But much like the music itself, how you dress is all in the way it makes you feel.


Not everyone who heads to Palm Springs is ready for a party sun up to sundown. Rather they’d like to use the escape to unplug and unwind. For people who want to take advantage of pool days and spa treatments, packing will be fairly light.


Swimsuits, cover-ups, sun dresses, and sandals are the preferred style. Tiki shirts, brightly-colored shorts, and casual shoes are the uniform of most males for the ultimate in “vacation wear.” Whatever style makes you feel most relaxed is most likely welcomed in Palm Springs.

It’s easy to feel inspired style-wise as you walk through the desert landscape. From the architecture to the local artwork to the city’s rich history, it’s obvious how much creativity plays a part in the overall vibe and culture.

The resort lifestyle and feel-good moments mean every day should feel like a vacation, if you’re visiting Palm Springs. Surrounded by a picturesque background of palm trees and mountain ranges, it’s tough to think about the desert valley as anything else but a fashion-forward, style-driven paradise.


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