Palm Springs Influence in Art & Culture

Palm Springs has been referred to as Hollywood’s playground. After all, few stars can resist the chance to experience this palm tree paradise. The locale, when combined with the laid-back vibe, make this area of Southern California one of the most sought after destinations for creative inspiration.

This desert oasis has played a vital role in movies by serving as an iconic touchstone over the decades. The city has been a film location for movies as far back as the 1930s, but more recent references might look a little more familiar to guests.

palm trees in the wind

For example, many will remember Justin Timberlake’s dramatic turn in the 2006 film, Alpha Dog, and recognize the Caliente Tropics Resort, where Timberlake’s character, Frankie takes his pal, Zack (Anton Yelchin) for a party-till-dawn experience. Other films that have featured Palm Springs include The Aviator, Bounce, Into the Wild, and Raise Your Voice, among dozens of others. But it’s not all cinematic appeal that makes Palm Springs influential to the art and cultural scene. There’s plenty more to entice visitors from all walks of life.


The thriving art culture in Palm Springs attracts painters, sculptors, and other artisans from the around the globe who have visited this area or have ultimately decided to call Palm Springs home. Every year, art lovers mark their calendars for one of the many events and activities dedicated to the appreciation of all things art-related.

Art Palm Springs (February 17-19, 2017) features presentations by some of the top artists, curators, and art collectors around the country. Attendees have the chance to experience carefully selected visual and experiential exhibits and installations all weekend long.

Marilyn Monroe in Palm Springs

To continue the immersive experience into the art scene, Modernism Week (February 16-26, 2017) celebrates mid-century architecture and design expressed in various ways, including fashion, classic cars, garden and home tours, and even a vintage travel trailer exhibition. The week’s events showcase the history and allure of modernist design reaching wide audiences in innovative ways.


One of the best ways to learn about the influence of Palms Springs on the cultural scene is by visiting one of its many museums. The first stop should be to the Palm Springs Art Museum, which offers a full schedule of interactive events, exhibits, and programs suitable for visitors of all ages. If you’re interested in continuing a Modernist exploration, visit the MetaModern exhibit, which showcases this iconic design and will be displayed through February 26, 2017.

a cahuilla basket

The Agua Caliente Cultural Museum gives visitors an up-close view of Native culture, especially focused on the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. This provides a unique opportunity to learn about the history of the land and the intricacy of design unique to this tribe of people, which can be seen now through the current exhibition: Woven Stories: Baskets of the Cahuilla.

But if you don’t want to go far to experience a significant part of the city’s cultural fabric, look no further than the walls of our lobby and other areas of our hotel. Music and art come together within the memorabilia that lines our walls. Take a casual, self-guided tour to get an idea of the rich history we hold near and dear.


If you’ve never visited Palm Springs before, you’ll quickly get a feel for the charm this desert gem has to offer. You’ll see how its influence has played a part in some of the most important parts of the nation’s cultural history. It’s memorable. It’s nostalgic. And the city’s influence in art and culture is only part of the beauty, which continues to attract guests near and far.

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