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Proposing in Palm Springs

Between the palm trees, romantic vibes, and scenic views Palm Springs has to offer, it is an ideal destination for the perfect proposal. There are luxurious resorts, hidden gems, and unique spots to make popping the question that much more special. When you have a backdrop as beautiful as the desert skies, the rest is

Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs and Tesloop Offers a Fun & Easy Festival Travel Package in Semi-Autonomous Tesla Model X’s

Palm Springs, California (April 3, 2017) If your plans call for a trip to the desert valley to partake in the area’s annual music festival in April, we’ve got the ticket to make it an unforgettable experience. Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs and Tesloop have paired up to make your weekend getaway to the desert

Galaxy Gazing: The Best Places to Watch the Stars in Palm Springs

Throughout the years, we have done a great job as a human race to discover and learn everything there is to know about the many wonders of the world. But, something we still don’t know everything about is the universe that sits above us. Every night the sun sets before our eyes and the magic