Galaxy Gazing: The Best Places to Watch the Stars in Palm Springs

Throughout the years, we have done a great job as a human race to discover and learn everything there is to know about the many wonders of the world. But, something we still don’t know everything about is the universe that sits above us. Every night the sun sets before our eyes and the magic of the galaxy presents itself. As you continue to look up, you will discover more stars presenting themselves in the night sky. We’ll help those observational astronomers pinpoint the perfect locations to look at the stars in Palm Springs, and we’re not talking about the actors.


First up on our guide for exploring the galaxy is through Sky Watcher Stargazing Tours, located 8.5 miles away from Palm Springs. Here they have transformed stargazing into an activity that is, in their words, “literally out-of-this-world.” When you plan a nighttime event with Sky Watchers, you not only get a beautiful view of the galaxy, but you also get some in-depth education about the sky that hovers above.

You will gain access to telescopes, computer kiosks, and sky binoculars to help viewers enhance and explore the natural lights of the desert sky. As this program has developed, mythology, science, and entertainment have been combined to entertain, as well as teach viewers about the wonders of the universe and the ancient legends hidden within the stars.


If you are looking to get the best view of the stars while staying in the Coachella Valley, your best bet is to drive far out of the city so nothing detracts from the night sky. The next star gazing location we recommend is Cahuilla Tewanet Vista Point located about 27 miles southwest of Palm Springs.

This location provides beautiful views of the desert, equipped with trails throughout the area, but it’s mostly known for its scenic overlook. As this overlook has evolved, it has shaped the story of the early Native Americans in the area and how their lifestyles developed over time.

When heading out to Cahuilla Tewanet, make sure to check the weather forecast; most experts recommend only heading out to check out the stars if the cloud cover is below 30 percent. Other items that will make your galaxy journey more enjoyable are a blanket to lounge on, layered clothing in case the temperature rises or drops, and possibly a pair of binoculars.


One of the most obvious choices when it comes to stargazing is Joshua Tree National Park, specifically at the Cottonwood Campground Amphitheater. This area of the park is known to provide some of the darkest nights Southern California has ever seen. Here, galaxy lovers have a good chance of getting a glimpse of the Milky Way and all its wonders. When joining other stargazers in this National Park, the seasons determine what your viewing schedule will look like.

During winter solstice, expect to get a glimpse of a few of the most famous constellations; Orion, Sirius, Gemini, and Taurus. When springtime comes around, expect longer nights for the ultimate stargazing experience. During these months, the stars Arcturus and Leo appear and makes your time in the desert worth every minute.

Summer solstice begins in late June and provides the best view of the Milky Way. This means viewers are looking into the center of our galaxy. Summer might develop some of the shortest nights of the year, but they sure are beautiful when you catch the sky at full scale.

Finally, when fall arrives so does the Great Square of Pegasus, four stars of equal brightness positioned in the shape of a diamond. No matter what time you plan to star gaze at Joshua Tree, there is always something beautiful in the sky to gaze upon.


What better place to be for star gazing than out in the middle of nowhere where darkness rules over everything. Yucca Valley is a California town located about 27 miles north of the Palm Springs valley and provides a high desert community at an elevation of 3,300 ft. and is known for accommodating some of the starriest nights.

This area of the Yucca Valley is bordered in the south by Joshua Tree National Park. It provides glimpses of the Milky Way and hosts a Starry Nights Festival every October. This small antique town located out in the middle of the desert should be at the top of your list when it comes to seeing the stars are galaxy has provided for us. Enjoy clean air and clear skies when you make your way out to one of the best recreation areas in California.

Use this list when exploring the wonders of our galaxy for the ultimate stargazing experience. Palm Springs and the deserts that surround it have proven to display some of the best skies around. Star gazing is enjoyable for all ages and allows discovery of the wonders that hover above.

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