Proposing in Palm Springs

Between the palm trees, romantic vibes, and scenic views Palm Springs has to offer, it is an ideal destination for the perfect proposal. There are luxurious resorts, hidden gems, and unique spots to make popping the question that much more special. When you have a backdrop as beautiful as the desert skies, the rest is most likely smooth sailing.

Speaking of smooth sailing, one of the most romantic ways to propose is during a hot-air balloon ride. Whether you go at sunrise or sunset, it sets the scene in a memorable way. You can reserve a private launch for two with champagne to celebrate the occasion; it’s certainly a time you’ll be riding high on cloud nine.

But if heights don’t fit into your proposal plan, there are plenty of other spots all within the Coachella Valley to talk about spending forever with your significant other. You can plan a picnic in the park, share a special moment on the balcony of your room during a staycation, or get down on one knee during a hike or while out and about exploring the area. The opportunities are endless when you choose Palm Springs as your proposal destination.

Here are a few other options to get the creative juices flowing. Once you pick the spot, you can customize every detail to make it feel personal and meaningful to the two of you.

Among the San Jacinto Mountains

A trip on the famed Palm Springs Aerial Tramway ends in a picturesque, nature scene within the San Jacinto Mountains. No matter how sweltering the heat from below might be, you can count on it being at least 30 degrees cooler high up on the mountaintop.

If you want to propose among a crowd, then drop to one knee on the way up the cliffs in the tramway. But If you’re looking for a more private moment, take your loved one on a trail through the park and pick the moment that feels just right.

Romantic Dinner at a Beautiful Restaurant

The vibe of Palm Springs restaurants range from upscale and intimate to low-key and casual. Create a setup that reflects your personality as a couple and plan an extra special meal that begins or ends with a proposal.

Romance over candlelight or relaxed in a comfy spot, make sure the mood matches how you want the time to feel when you pop the big question. Copley’s on Palm Canyon, the former estate of Cary Grant, and Spencer’s are both known for being popular places for special occasions and provides different ways to propose. Work with the restaurant in advance to make sure everything goes according to plan.

A Quiet Spot at Moorten Botanical Garden

As one of the main attractions in Palm Springs, a proposal here ensures you have a desert stage to give you the post-proposal photo ops you might be looking for. The garden is known for its lush grounds and various kinds of cacti, so take a look at the property beforehand to decide which area is the right place for a proposal.

Sunset Magazine has named Moorten Botanical Gardens on its list of “7 Gardens to Visit in Palm Springs” and USA Today has also listed it on their 10 best list as well. You can’t wrong with any spot on the grounds and is also a great spot to consider for your actual wedding day.

Go Big with a Horse-Drawn Carriage

There are few other occasions that calls for a horse-drawn carriage, but asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you is the best time to add whimsical romance to the mix. A quiet ride through some of the most beautiful areas of Palm Springs sets the stage for a private moment prime for proposing. If you want to set a scene straight from a fairytale, a carriage ride for two is the way to go.

Creating the Perfect Proposal

When it comes down to it, a proposal is more about actually asking the question and deciding to spend forever together. But if you can set up the right staging, the moment can become as grandiose as you want it to be. Part of the excitement of getting engaged is hearing about the engagement story and you’ll want to create one that will result in happy, long-lasting memories.

With a little bit of research and detailed planning, you can make sure your proposal in Palm Springs goes off without a hitch. Your significant other will surely appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into the day, ending on a high note of happily ever after when they say yes!

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