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Summer time has finally arrived, and with summer comes the heat of the sun. Enjoy cooling off this season next to the pool, sipping on your favorite drink, and listening to the ultimate summer songs, new and old. Let Hard Rock help you shape your summer with some of our favorite hits, and enjoy your stay in Coachella Valley.

#1 “Summertime” – DJ Jazzy & The Fresh Prince

This feel good summer song is from the one and only Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and a much-loved seasonal classic. This song is perfect for a casual day spent lounging poolside. Enjoy the catchy lyrics by DJ Jazzy along with Will Smith for the ultimate blast from the past. “Summertime” is so good, it’ll make you want to listen to it in December.

#2 “School’s Out” – Alice Cooper

Get ready for everyone around you to chime in when this song comes through the speakers. Alice Cooper is known for his iconic, raspy voice and otherworldly stage presence. When the “School’s Out” hit was released in 1972, it paved the way for some of his most memorable singles. Sing along with Alice Cooper during your summertime vacation, and be thankful that school is indeed out for the summer.

#3 “Slide” – Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean & Migos

This next song is a 2017 ultimate summer hit wonder! “Slide,” the collaboration between Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, and Migos has been one of the greatest and catchiest hits created in 2017. Expect to see other listeners near the pool singing and dancing along to this new favorite. What makes this hit so unique? It’s a combination of music by a DJ, a classic vocalist, and a rap artist. This genre clash makes it an instant smash for not only the summer of 2017, but the whole year.

#4 “Sun is Shining” – Bob Marley

Summertime wouldn’t be complete without a song from Bob Marley. This 1971 hit by the one and only reggae icon will create the perfect atmosphere for a full day at the pool with a cold beverage in hand. As you lounge in your pool chair, expect the Summer hit to take you on a journey of relaxation. Get lost with the sweet sounds of Bob Marley, and finally understand what summertime is all about.

#5 “Good Vibrations” – Beach Boys

Over a course of two months, the Beach Boys released a summertime smash hit, “Good Vibrations.” After the release of this single, it was an instant commercial hit among all who heard, topping the charts in a variety of countries and resulting in one of the most costly singles ever produced. Expect to see everyone at the pool tapping their foot along to the beat, and an overall wash of happiness among the crowd. There’s no way that this hit can be left off your summertime playlist, especially since it has been dubbed one of the greatest masterpieces of rock music history.

#6 “I’m the One” – DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, & Lil Wayne

This summer banger has an intense star-studded lineup, with each complimenting the others perfectly. As one of the newest hits to be released in 2017, reactions to the song have been nothing but praise. “I’m the One” is filled with a variety of vocals and sounds, transporting your ears and mindset to a tropical paradise. Enjoy this new DJ Khaled production on the radio, or avoid the commercials and add it straight to your summer poolside playlist.

#7 “Heat Wave” – Martha and the Vandellas

When you think of summertime, you normally think of hot weather and cold drinks. While staying in Coachella Valley, let Martha and the Vandellas ring in the summer with “Heat Wave.” The only thing hotter than a summer fling is lounging next to a pool in Palm Springs. This Motown group knew what they were talking about when it came to summer favorites. No matter what your music preference is, you won’t be able to control yourself when this 1963 classic comes through the speakers.

#8 “Summertime” – Sublime

When Sublime comes on the radio, you instantly know that it’s going to be a singalong with everyone who can hear the iconic tune of “Summertime.” This classic commercial hit was the final song on the band’s third album, and is the perfect addition to your playlist as the ultimate summer anthem. Enjoy listening to Sublime by the pool, in the car, and everywhere in between for the best summer to date!

#9 “Sunny Afternoon” – The Kinks

The Kinks are one of those bands capable of slowing things down while simultaneously lifting listeners up. This 1965 song could turn any gloomy day into a sunny afternoon of enjoyment. Post up in your chair or by the pool for this one, because The Kinks bring total relaxation to the desert. Referred to as one of the most influential bands of their era, the group knows what they’re doing when it comes to smooth rock and great sound.

#10 “Steal My Sunshine” – Len

Originating in Canada, “Steal My Sunshine” is the last song on our poolside playlist, and it is a definite must if you aim to have the ultimate summer. This 90’s hit has been heavily rotated on the radio in the past, and has seen many days inside multiple karaoke bars because of its catchy beat and intoxicating lyrics. This one hit wonder has been a staple of summer for years, and can turn any gloomy day into a bright and beautiful one!

Now that you have some of the catchiest hits, old and new, to shape your summer, you are ready to head out to the pool and enjoy Palms Springs how it is meant to be experienced. Enjoy the pool located at Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs accompanied by cocktails, cabanas, and sunshine! Palm Springs provides the perfect desert oasis with activities for all to enjoy, and will insure that you have the perfect summer of all summers.

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