Planning Your Summer Staycation

With the summer season making its official debut, it also commences the annual family vacation, girls’ getaway, bachelor party, and more. In general, summer creates the opportunity to plan a trip or fun activity for your entire group to enjoy. Yes, summer is the official season for a vacation, but not everyone is eager to pack up and travel the distance just to be able to relax and explore. Get ready for a summer experience that is a completely different type of vacation, without all the hustle and bustle of planning and traveling. This year, the experience you’re looking for is called a staycation; a vacation spent at home that involves day trips to local attractions. Plan your staycation in Palm Springs this summer with our help. Enjoy local attractions and get the most out of your vacation at home.

Visit a Local Museum

While participating in a staycation this year, it will give you the opportunity to experience all those local attractions you’ve been meaning to see but just haven’t gotten around to yet. First on our list is to visit one of your local museums. Maybe you have recently moved to the area, or you haven’t had to opportunity to get out there and see what makes the city unique. If your summer staycation is in Palm Springs, there are a variety of museums to pick from. One unique and very “touristy” museum is the Cabazon Dinosaurs. This must-see desert museum is one of California’s best and most iconic roadside attractions. Once pulling over to witness a Palm Springs classic, you’ll experience over 50 lifelike dinosaur statues, fossil digging, and a giant T-Rex that you can climb around inside. Take advantage of your time off this summer and get out to those museums that have been on your list since moving to the area.

Soak up the Sun

With summer comes the heat and an instant urge to cool off. Take advantage of your staycation opportunities and check out the nearest water park. In Palm Springs, the biggest water park attraction is Wet’n’Wild, and serves its purpose when it comes to cooling off under the desert sun. Discover some of the best water rides in the area when you and your group spend the day at Wet’n’Wild, along with food, shopping, and special events throughout the summer. Another option for cooling off during your staycation is to check into Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs and experience their signature element of the hotel; the pool. Here you will have access to the perfect relaxation location in the desert. Whether you’re looking for a cabana and a cool drink, a party equipped with a live DJ, or simply just a dip in the water, this relaxing retreat has you covered.

Give Your Local Breweries a Shot

When it comes to trying out new beers in the area, it’s easy for one to just pick up a six pack at the grocery store and enjoy the taste of a cold brew on your couch. Switch things up during this staycation, and plan a visit to your local brewery. Getting a full tour of your local brewery can be eye opening and a fun event to experience with your whole 21 and over group. During your brewery tour, you will learn how the beer is made, how long it takes to brew, what makes that specific beer unique, and more about what goes into the entire process. One of the more well-known breweries in the area is Coachella Valley Brewing Co., which focuses on the uniqueness of the Southern California desert when it comes to creating their beverages. It’s important to take advantage of your staycation this year, and enjoy a beer freshly brewed, straight from the tap. Another brewery to consider during your staycation is La Quinta Brewing Co. located in Palm Desert, known for their sunshine and craft beer. Or, switch things up and check out that winery you’ve been meaning to stop by. Overall, this staycation is all about you and exploring all the local attractions that have been on your list of “things to do” for too long.

Get Outside

Summertime is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and heat you’ve been waiting for all winter. Palm Springs offers an abundance of options when it comes to outdoor activities to try out during your staycation. One option available when it comes to finding the perfect outdoor activity includes taking a nice bike ride through the desert.  Big Wheel Tours, available in Palm Springs, offers a variety of tours to experience in the desert. Here you will have the opportunity to experience Palm Springs’ natural wonders while pedaling by and getting some fresh air. Other outdoor activities available in Palm Springs include hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, experiencing The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, and so much more. This staycation, take advantage of the beautiful desert that you live in and get to know what it has to offer.

Pamper Yourself

This staycation is all about you and being comfortable as you vacation in your hometown and get to know a little more about how great your city is. Take time for yourself and visit a spa in the area. Palm Springs is a desert filled with spas to help you relax and forget about your responsibilities, if only for a few hours. One spa that is a must in the Coachella Valley is Rock Spa in Palm Springs. It’s the perfect location and atmosphere if you are looking for a specific treatment and a personalized experience. Schedule your spa day today and see why a staycation could be better than traveling this summer.

Enjoy your summer vacation this season in a completely different way with your very own staycation. Experience everything available right in your hometown and understand why more and more people are planning a vacation close to home.

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