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Plan Your Palm Springs Road Trip

Going on a road trip is a unique journey that everyone should experience in their lifetime. Road trips remind us that sometimes the best destination is the journey itself. There’s nothing quite like the sense of adventure that comes with going on the road and discovering all the sights the world has to offer us.

How to Keep Cool During the Hottest Months of the Summer

Welcome to Palm Springs, a beautiful desert oasis where you can let loose, chill out and relax, or enjoy new and exciting experiences. Even though we are in the hottest months of the year, summertime is the prime season for visiting Palm Springs. Enjoy our guide and tips and tricks for keeping cool during the

New Developments in the Desert Oasis We Call Palm Springs

The desert oasis we like to call Palm Springs is constantly evolving. There’s a reason this California valley has been popular for so long. Along with having exactly what you need for a relaxing weekend getaway, Palm Springs is always growing. When you travel to Palm Springs, you will never be bored, because there is