How to Plan the Perfect Palm Springs Party

How to plan the perfect palm springs party.

Known for its mix of peaceful, spa-like offerings and vivid nightlife, Palm Springs has established itself as a premiere party destination. Palm Springs offers the perfect location for a party of any size and for any occasion. From bachelorette parties to birthday parties to just-for-fun get-togethers, this city has everything you need to throw the perfect bash. Because of its plethora of opportunities, planning a party here can seem a bit overwhelming. Not to worry – we’ve compiled the best themes, venues, food options, and entertainment ideas so you are sure to throw the party in Palm Springs of your (and your guests) dreams.

Select a Theme

Before looking at venues and other aspects of planning your Palm Springs party, you need to nail down a theme. This way, you have something to come back to so your party stays cohesive. Below are a few of the top party themes ideal for the sunny setting.

Flamingo party decorations.

An Oasis in the Desert

Dazzle your guests with a colorful array of palm trees, cacti, flowers, and flamingo décor with a desert oasis theme. In the midst of the flat, dry California desert, your party will have a vacation feel and stand out as a vibrant, lively destination for your guests.

Lavish Luxury

For a more formal atmosphere, embrace the quiet grace of the desert with soft finishes, gold or silver accents, hors d’oeuvres, champagne flutes, flower bouquets, and live music. Dim the lights and invite guests to dress to the nines at your fancy soiree.

Desert Greenery

Let the beauty of the desert speak for itself with a desert greenery theme. Host the party outside or fill the venue with lush greenery, palm trees, and palm leaf decor. Keep other colors minimal to keep the focal point on the desert plants.

Choose the Venue

Even if you don’t choose a specific theme, you’ll still want to decide where to host your party in Palm Springs. Will it be at your home, clubhouse, or a specific venue? There are multiple options for your Coachella Valley events that are primed for your next party.

Hard Rock Palm Springs pool.

Corona Yacht Club

Party among a lush landscape at Corona Yacht Club. The venue features a large, two-acre lagoon as its centerpiece with walking paths lining the perimeter. As for the party grounds, the club boasts a covered patio area, a manicured lawn lined with blooming rose bushes, and a palm tree lined grove. No matter which area you host your party in, you will be greeted with the gentle, airy essence of the desert.

Jackalope Ranch

Party under the palms at Jackalope Ranch. Offering an expansive, palm tree-peppered lawn area and a charming, romantically lit patio area, this venue is the perfect place to host a more casual get together. String lights are draped over the trees and flowers decorate the area, creating a warm, welcoming ambiance.

Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs

We’ve been known to host quite the Palm Springs party. Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or an intimate group, we have the space, catering, and amenities to fulfill your every need. Transform one of our venues into your theme of choice or settle into the music-centric areas we offer.

Sample Food Options

While some venues offer catering included as part of a package deal, familiarize yourself with the catering options in the area so you can make the best decision for your party. Take dietary restrictions, theme, and cost into consideration when choosing a caterer.

Appetizers and wine available at a party.

Dash and a Handful Catering

The passion and creativity behind Dash and a Handful make it one of the most renowned event planning and catering companies in the area. Bold spices, diverse flavors, and unique presentation will enhance your party and delight your guests. Expert catering planners can work with you to develop dishes that will complement your theme.

Fusion Flair

Incorporating a mix of Eastern and Western culinary traditions to create bold flavors, the team at Fusion Flair offers guests a unique and delicious culinary experience. The team will work with you to create a variety of appetizers, entrees, desserts, and beverages that will make your party in Palm Springs even more memorable.

No Worries Private Chefs

The team at No Worries Private Chefs will craft a menu that will take your party on a culinary adventure around the world. With both exotic and more traditional offerings, every guest is sure to be enthused by the offerings. The No Worries team recognizes the value of using fresh, wholesome ingredients to prepare their dishes.

Research Entertainment

Now that you have a beautiful venue, delicious culinary offerings, and a fun, engaging theme, it’s time to elevate your party. While your guests are sure to have a great time mingling, enhance the ambiance with entertainment. Here are some options for entertainment in the Palm Springs area that your guests are sure to love.

DJ playing music at a party.

DJ Fraze Entertainment

Whether you’re in need of enhanced lighting systems, a live DJ, or a quirkier addition to your party like a photo booth, DJ Fraze Entertainment will provide excellent services at an affordable price. With over ten years of special event experience, the team will help you bring your dream party to life.

Alex Updike Wedding & Event DJ

If you want your guests dancing all night, Alex Updike Wedding & Event DJ is the man to hire. Alex will meet with you before the party to get an idea of what type of ambiance you are going for and what kind of playlist will delight your guests the most.

TMC Entertainment

Specializing in weddings, corporate events, and private parties, TMC Entertainment offers everything you need to complete your party planning. Their DJ services, photo booth services, specialty lighting, party rentals, and even full-blown audio video installations will give your Palm Springs party a glamorous edge.

Palm Springs has become a chosen destination for parties, events, and weekend getaways. The city is fully prepared with talented venues, caterers, and DJs that will work together to make your night unforgettable. Your guests will be dazzled by your well-planned party and you will be able to enjoy yourself knowing that you choreographed a night to remember!

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