Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Staying Healthy during the Holidays.

The candy. The peppermint bark. The cookies. December is the month of holiday sweets and indulgence – but for those who like to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this can be more of a curse than a blessing. But worry not – there are things you can do to ensure that your holiday season is not only festive, but healthy.

If you’re looking to make some adjustments to your holiday season habits for the better, look no further.

Plan Ahead

Above view of healthy meal preparations.

Many unhealthy activities are born from in-the-moment cravings and spontaneous opportunities for indulgence. To avoid a sudden pang of hunger (which seem to conveniently take place in close proximity to junk food), be prepared to satisfy your cravings yourself.

-Pack a healthy snack

Taking a snack with you will arm you with defense against those pesky cravings and give you a healthy substitute for whatever treats you encounter. Carrying snacks with you also gives you the ability to be selective when it comes to where you eat because the snack will hold you over until you can make a healthy decision. This way, you’re letting your head take control, not your stomach.

-Take water with you

Staying hydrated is important regardless of the season and your health and fitness goals. But, it’s especially important to have water with you during the holidays when you may be traveling, shopping, or otherwise away from your usual water source. Instead of buying water when you get thirsty, which can tempt you into buying a sugary drink or adding a snack or two, pack a water bottle. Give your water a little pizazz with added fruit, like strawberries or cucumber!

-Take workout clothes and shoes with you

The holiday season can be a time for activity and spontaneity. If you’re busy running errands or traveling, it’s a good idea to bring some workout clothes with you in case a fitness opportunity presents itself. This can come in the form of a special class offering at a local fitness club or a hiking trail that you happen to come across. If nothing else, at least you have active wear with you in case you get the sudden urge to go for a jog or walk.

Stick to Healthy Restaurants

Healthy option at the restaurant.

Instead of going with the flow, try having your meal destinations planned out at the beginning of the day so you don’t fall into the I’m-hungry-let’s-just-eat-here trap. Planning your day around where you’re eating will help you stay on track. There are plenty of healthy restaurants in Palm Springs, including:

-Native Foods Cafe

Home to the original Native Foods Cafe, Palm Springs is quite proud of this healthy eating hotspot. Dine guilt-free at Native Foods with vegetarian, nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and wheat-free menus. If you have any dietary restrictions aside from simply eating healthy, this is the place to go.

-Palm Greens Cafe

Another great option for healthy foods when deciding on where to eat in Palm Springs, Palm Green Cafe offers organic, vegan, and vegetarian options and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu offers something for everyone, whether you crave a hearty meat dish or a light vegan salad. Freshly squeezed juices, power smoothies, and healthy snacks are offered for those on the go.

-Chef Tanya’s Kitchen

Try one of the newest vegan restaurants to make its way to Palm Springs, Chef Tanya’s Kitchen. Chef and owner, Tanya Petrovna, was also the original founder of the Native Foods chain, on a mission to create and provide healthy food options for residents and visitors of the area. This location is more than just a restaurant, it’s a source for healthy, plant-based dining options that everyone has been craving! Stop by and see for yourself today.

Incorporate Fitness and Wellness into your Activities

Woman enjoying a bicycle ride.

If you don’t have the option to dedicate time to exercise, you can still stay active by modifying your activities. For example, trade a bus tour for a walking tour if you’re exploring a new town this holiday season. If you’re doing some last minute holiday shopping, try power walking through the shopping center to get a little cardio in. By making small changes, you can sneak in some fitness.

-Detox at the Spa

Relax your mind and rejuvenate your body simultaneously at the Hard Rock Hotel Rock Spa. Starting with a cleansing shot of ginger, this spa treatment detoxifies your body from the inside out. Rhythmical dry brushing, a nourishing body wrap, a massage, a facial, and detox tea round out the treatment, leaving you in a state of bliss that will help you stay healthy and relaxed.

-Explore while you walk

The downtown Palm Springs area is spread out just enough so it’s walkable, but not so condensed that you can’t get a little exercise while exploring. The Palm Springs Historical Society offers walking tours that will guide you through various areas of the city while you burn some calories and maybe even work up a sweat.


Palm Springs and the surrounding areas offer some idyllic hiking opportunities that yield breathtaking views. Ranging from easy to strenuous, these hikes offer the perfect opportunity to stay active in the desert. Enjoy the desert plants and critters as you go, and take in the majestic scenery when you’re met with views.

The holiday season brings joy, festivity, and temptation to indulge. While treating yourself is okay every so often, an entire season of sugar cookies, candy canes, and hot cocoa can be hard to recover from. Eliminate the holiday season guilt by making slight adjustments to your activities. Opting for healthy, clean foods instead of the typical holiday sweets and incorporating more physical activity into your schedule can help you stay healthy during the holiday season while still enjoying the merriment it brings.

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